Meet Patrick Binette, New Director, Content and Programming

By: NedjmaWed, 09/06/2017
Meet Patrick Binette, Stingray’s new Director, Content and Programming

We are very proud to announce the promotion of our in-house rock star, Patrick Binette, to the position of director, content and programming.

After 20 years in the music business, including as director of music programming at MusiquePlus, Patrick rode in to Stingray on his Harley in 2009.

Here, he quickly advanced to the role of programming manager, concerts & music videos. If you love Stingray iConcerts and our music video channels (Stingray Loud, Stingray Juicebox, Stingray Vibe, and Stingray Retro), you have him and his team to thank.

Patrick not only possesses a level of cool that puts us all to shame, he is truly dedicated to music programming, has an encyclopedic knowledge of music in all genres (just try besting him at ‘90s trivia), and knows about everyone in the business.

So what does he have to say about his new role?

“My objective has always been to connect artists and audiences. The diversity of Stingray services offers artists a tremendous showcase to reach music lovers at every moment of the day. With our dedicated content team, I plan on building even stronger relations with artists and labels, and confirming Stingray’s position as the global benchmark for curated music services.”