Big Ride for Africa | Giving Back

By: AnoukTue, 06/26/2018

That is how Robert, James, Wouter, and Anouk (that's me!) from Stingray's Amsterdam office would describe the 300 km Big Ride for Africa. Challenging and sharp climbs, speedy descents, stunning landscapes, and lots of fun for a great charity. And, well lots and lots of pain the day after.


Our team raised £12,000 pounds for the charity Lessons for Life, an organization that gives the gift of education and helps more children have the chance to finish school and realize their dreams. Like Lessons for Life, we believe that education changes everything. Every child, no matter where they are born, has the right to an education that equips them for life. We were happy to help provide much-needed support to carry out crucial work on the ground in Africa.


Intense was the moment we clipped in and kicked-off our 2-day cycling.


Intense was the number of hours we spend on the saddle.


Intense was the amount of power Wouter exerted climbing Wicklow’s Mountains.


And the beautiful surroundings of Castlemartin Stud Farm in County Kildare and Wicklow Mountains were also intense… of course!




We’re intensely happy to have completed this great challenge and, of course, to have met great people on our way to the finish line. And now, it’s time to sit back, relax, and celebrate our achievement. When we return to the office, we’ll probably be commuting to work by train this time!

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