G7 Summit 2018 | Stingray Business

By: OliviaFri, 07/06/2018

June was a very exciting month for Stingray Business as we were chosen to be the official music providers for the 2018 G7 Summit in Charlevoix.

Our programming team created an exclusive, custom music channel that offered a selection of 1/3 Canadian, 1/3 Quebec, and 1/3 First Nations music. We were so excited to be able to showcase the amazing diversity of these amazing artist at this international event.


As part of the activation of the Stingray channel, we got to travel to the beautiful Quebec city where thousands of journalists were reporting from the International Media Centre. We got to enjoy some local specialties, take in the indigenous artwork, and we even got to send a postcard home!

Highlights from the event:

  • The Stingray Music listening station
  • Cocktail hour with all the partners
  • Trying First Nations specialty dishes
  • stingray-blog-G7-5.jpg

Learn more about our curated music channels here.

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