By: GregThu, 04/12/2018
Down in Bro-Country | Fresh Vibe

Bro-Country!? More or less. Bro-Country is a sub-genre of today’s Hot Country style of country music. One thing’s for certain, it’s not your grandfather’s country music, nor your father’s for that matter!

By: GregWed, 03/21/2018
Hot Country Canada | Fresh Vibe

Country music is certainly alive and well and thriving in Canada of course, with constant national touring and radio exposure happening with our top country performers as well as award recognition by the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) and Junos.

By: GuillaumeFri, 03/02/2018
Breezy Yacht Rock | Fresh Vibe

You may find asking yourself: what is yacht rock? In this Fresh Vibes, you'll find a complete exploration of this smooth mellow rock that's been around since the early '70s.