By: Guillaume Tue, 10/02/2018
It's About Time by Chic

With one foot in disco and the other in EDM, It’s About Time is enjoyable, though it may take a bit of an adjustment for long-time Chic fans to get accustomed to the very “of-the-moment” vibe of the record. Despite its modern tropes, the album does manage to rise above most pop radio schlock thanks to the excellent musicianship on display here

By: Guillaume Wed, 09/19/2018
Collapse EP by Aphex Twin

Collapse simply has a ton to sift through, all in under a half-hour. It features many of Aphex Twin decades-old tropes – intricate percussion, haunting melodies, sheer unpredictability – while still having its feet firmly planted in today’s era.

By: Guillaume Fri, 03/02/2018
Breezy Yacht Rock | Fresh Vibe

You may find asking yourself: what is yacht rock? In this Fresh Vibes, you'll find a complete exploration of this smooth mellow rock that's been around since the early '70s.