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By: GregThu, 04/12/2018

Bro-Country!? More or less. Bro-Country is a sub-genre of today’s Hot Country style of country music. One thing’s for certain, it’s not your grandfather’s country music, nor your father’s for that matter!


Country, like most styles of music, is constantly evolving. It’s not uncommon for younger fans of country music to groove to hard rock, grunge, hip-hop, and electronic, so it stands to reason that those later generations of country artists have grown up on those influences too might just adopt that diversity into their brand of country music.

(From left to right: Brett Young and Florida Georgia Line)

What typifies Bro-Country songs?

Well, there aren’t a lot of women engaged in performing it for starters!

Lyrical subject matter most often focuses on pick-up trucks, hot women, weekends, drinking, and just partying in general. Its champions are some of the biggest names in country today: Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, Jason Aldean, etc.

Fewer cowboy hats and more ball caps! These guys were more influenced by acts like Nickelback than Johnny Cash. Not surprising, Nickelback’s producer/engineer/co-songwriter, Joey Moi is credited as the mastermind behind Florida Georgia Line, perhaps the biggest country group of the past decade.

Google “Bro-Country” and the first image you’re bound to see will be FGL!

At your next barbeque or tailgate party crank up Stingray Music’s Bro-Country channel, featuring many of the artists nominated at the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards including Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line, Locash, Brett Young, Lanco, and Sam Hunt.


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