By: Digital DrumWed, 11/08/2017
Canadian Folk Music Awards | Digital Drum

Since launching in 2005, the Canadian Folk Music Awards have been on a mission to celebrate and promote the best of Canada’s folk scene. They’ve also made a concerted effort to showcase the country’s top Indigenous singer-songwriters.

By: Digital DrumTue, 10/10/2017
Behind the Beats with Iskwé | Digital Drum

Since dropping her self-titled debut album in 2013, Iskwé has taken hustle to a whole new level.

By: Digital DrumThu, 09/07/2017
10 Indigenous Artists You Need to Know | Digital Drum

Don’t call it a comeback.

By: NedjmaTue, 09/05/2017
New Contributor | Digital Drum

Musical Currents is a passion project.