Background Music and Hotels

By: AdrianaWed, 02/20/2019

Background music in hospitality environments can have a positive impact on customer engagement and satisfaction. The Ritz Carlton, for example, uses music to create a welcoming atmosphere for their guests.  

Many hotels now pay a lot of attention to choosing the right music for their lobby, restaurants, spas, and all other spaces in the hotel.

Everything is about ambiance and dayparting. One of our clients, The Ritz-Carlton Montreal, teamed up with our music experts at Stingray Business to create a custom playlist that communicates their brand values and personality in order to create a distinct customer experience. For example, at the Ritz-Carlton in the morning, the audience prefers to listen to soft and peaceful music (see Chill Lounge Instrumental). During tea-time, they prefer music of a more classical genre, whereas in the evening they want something catchier and more upbeat.

It is very important to choose the right background music that translates your hotel’s core values and goals. By doing this, you are setting yourself apart from the competition and creating an engaging environment that transforms your clientele into loyal, repeat clients who form a strong bond with your brand through music.

Music adds value to the customer experiences. Some of the most important areas of the hotel that benefit from a curated music selection include the reception and lobby, dining or bar areas, the spa and outdoor gathering spaces since guests spend large amounts of time here. Music allows individuals to relax and feel at home affecting their mood in a positive way.  

Using background music in your hotel is a great way to create an atmosphere that is unique to your brand.  We can help you with this. Explore our music library and contact us if you want to build an atmosphere that is uniquely yours!