By: NoémiMon, 07/16/2018
High As Hope by Florence + The Machine

On her band's fourth studio album, it can feel like Florence Welch can hold out a single note at top volume for an hour. High As Hope’s charming and discombobulating diversity/dynamics makes it an absolute aural onslaught.

By: SophieTue, 05/01/2018
Artists to Watch | May 2018

From viral sensations to mysterious up-and-comers, 2018 has already produced an incredible crop of new artists that remind us why we listen to new music at all. Here are some of our favorites so far.

By: NoémiTue, 04/10/2018
MIEN | Interview

We sat down with our Technical Writer Rishi Dhir, Montreal multi-instrumentalist, bandleader (of noble psych-pop act Elephant Stone) and newly minted acid-house DJ/sitarist who's also the brains behind his latest project, MIEN. 

By: NoémiMon, 04/09/2018

MIEN’s self-titled, debut album is a colossus; the product of a band that thought huge, pushed itself to its limits, and devoted to breaking open its own understanding of what psychedelic rock music could be.