Two Ways to use Digital Signage in your QSR

By: OliviaFri, 10/12/2018
Digital Signage in a Cafe

The use of digital signage in quick service restaurants is becoming increasingly common since video, animation and other multimedia content have proven to increase sales, enhance the customer experience, and improve the overall brand image.

A skillfully executed digital signage solution responds to customer demand for interactive and responsive experiences that entertain and engage.

One widely cited concern when deciding to implement a digital signage solution is the cost. While the initial investment can be quite high, digital signage has proven to deliver an ROI in less than 18 months (Tim Rollins, Noventri).

Let’s look at how you can apply digital signage both inside and outside your restaurant.

Inside Signage

There are several ways you can use digital signage to enhance the customer experience once they are inside your establishment. Naturally, customers do not like to wait long. To minimize perceived wait times, a video wall or other forms of digital signage can keep clients entertained while also allowing you to promote relevant content.

Many restaurants are moving towards digital menu boards, a solution that is very flexible and offers a wide range of features. Digital menu boards can be used to display relevant information such as nutritional facts, promotions, new items, and more - the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, this solution allows you to make updates in real-time across multiple locations.

Many companies have also begun to implement self-serving kiosks that let clients select their meal and pay without having to wait for a cashier. The implementation of self-serving kiosks can lead to an increase in sales of up to 30% (Danny Klein, QSR).

Aside from boosting sales, digital signage is a convenient alternative to traditional signage. It allows you to make changes instantly to reflect your product offering and current in-store promotions across multiple locations ensuring that your content is in synch and up to date.

Outside Signage

Digital signage outside your restaurant can be used for many functions such as promoting new menu items or upselling higher ticket items to tempt customers into making additional purchases. In fact, research shows that digital signage outside restaurants can increase sales up to 8% (Daniel Waldron, Digital Signage Today).

The use of digital signage outside of restaurants can entice customers to come inside your establishment to make purchases by promoting limited-time offers and other special promotions. Furthermore, digital signage doesn't even need to be placed directly outside your restaurant to catch the interest of a passerby. The windows of your restaurant are a great place to engage a potential client. Bright and eye-catching visuals of a limited-time offer on an LED screen placed in your restaurants windows are also a great way to target customers. 

There are limitless ways to apply a digital signage solution inside and outside your business. What are you waiting for? Visit our website to learn how Stingray Business has transformed businesses into hubs of digital innovations.

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