By: ChristineThu, 03/29/2018
Les musts du Rockfest 2018

Amateurs et amatrices de rock, de métal, de punk, de hardcore, de hip-hop ou d’une combinaison de ces styles, le moment est venu de préparer votre équipement de camping pour la 13e édition du Rockfest de Montebello.

By: NoémiMon, 03/12/2018
The Free Life by Turbowolf

Turbowolf have made a name for themselves with influences and output that covers the entire genre of electrified music – everything from garage rock, punk, heavy metal, and psychedelia – and their third album, The Free Life, is no different. 

By: NoémiWed, 11/08/2017
Top 10 | Heavy Metal Songs

Top 10 Heavy Metal Songs: We’ve compiled 10 “disasterpiece[s]” that’ll make you “blackout”. So, stick around, “don’t run to the hills”. “Welcome to the Jungle”.

By: NoémiMon, 11/06/2017
The Dusk in Us by Converge

This band is, without a shadow of a doubt, metalcore’s true leader and has been adding their own unique inflection to the sound for the last 25+ years. And their ninth album is no exception.