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By: ZacMon, 01/27/2014

Females are strong as hell, and Serena Ryder is living proof. When the world seems to be going backward, the Canadian singer-songwriter always keeps us marching forward.

Rhythmic tunes always

Serena Ryder dazzles. Serena Ryder is pure gold. The singer-songwriter who grew up outside Peterborough always brings her A-game and not only shows her star power as a vocalist and bandleader but her down-to-earth acoustic skills.

Name: Serena Ryder

Discography: Falling Out (1999), Unlikely Emergency (2005), If Your Memory Serves You Well (2006), Is It O.K. (2008), Harmony (2012), Utopia (2017)

Genre: Pop



Check out this INCREDIBLE performance by Serena Ryder at the Stingray offices in Montreal!



Official website:

Facebook: /serenaryder

Instagram: @serenaryder

Twitter: @serenaryder 


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