JUNOS 2018 | Red Carpet Interviews

By: ZacMon, 03/26/2018

The 2018 JUNO Awards were rich in love, empowering statements, kindness, and what’s most important: humans from around the world celebrated Canadian bands and artists from Coast to Coast to Coast.

We’ve discovered the music of great craft and multifaceted charm. For some, it was the celebration of lifetime achievements and for others, it was the opening chapter of a thrilling music career.

The 2018 JUNO Awards = a roaring gala filled with glitter, golden balloons, and open hearts.

There is a symphony in our hearts to do good and spread love in this world. There is so much love to give and receive if you allow your heart to be open. Stretch it out as wide as the horizon. Fill your soul with all the music’s beauty and cherish every single thing that surrounds you. A huge thank you to the JUNO Awards for bringing so many people together and creating magic.

Ready for a Junos binge-watch session? Scroll down for exclusive interviews with some of the best Canadian talent out there.

We’ve had the chance to connect with:

  • Theory
  • High Valley
  • Marianas Trench
  • Franklin Electric
  • Iskwé
  • Weaves
  • Mélanie Joly
  • Monkey Junk
  • Scott Helman
  • Splash N Boots
  • Nick Fiorucci
  • Jahkoy
  • And so much more

Sit back and hit play!



The gents of Theory met up with us to talk about how much they miss hanging out at the Stingray Music offices, and what their 5-year-old self would be up to today.



International country stars, High Valley, met up with us to talk about ice cream, crepes, Canadian songwriters, and sexy names.



Our old friend of PausePlay, Scott Helman, came to chat about performing for a small group of super fans, the Junos community of artists, and his love of David Bowie.



Marianas Trench stopped by to talk about their new unreleased album, and the worst purchase they've ever made.



Caveboy joined us on the Junos red carpet to talk about winning the Junos Masterclass, whale bowties, and getting lost.



The Beaches came to talk about their win for Breakthrough Group of the Year, and what it would be like to be a man for a day.



Minister of Canadian Heritage, Melanie Joly, joined us to talk about her memories of last year's JUNOs, how to top them, and who she would sing a duet with.



The gentlemen of The Franklin Electric came to talk about their van almost exploding, and living in a movie.




Iskwé joined us on the red carpet to chat about the power of performance, sharing your culture, and her worst job.



Weaves joined us to talk about their secret skills, the love from fans on their new projects, and being present at the Junos.


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