A New Era for Brick and Mortar

By: OliviaWed, 01/30/2019
A new era for brick and mortar stores.

Traditional retail is dead. You’ve heard it before, and you will surely hear it again. A new era for brick and mortar has begun, and it is one that focuses on the customer’s in-store experience. Brick and mortar retail has to adapt to retain customers and stay relevant in a world where everything is seemingly moving online.

A Global Research Report on Elevating the Customer Experience conducted by Walnut Unlimited has found that 78% of shoppers say the in-store atmosphere is key in opting to make an in-store purchase vs. online. So what contributes to the in-store atmosphere? We will discuss two key elements.

  1. Music matters

Music matters, regardless of the industry. A well-thought-out music strategy that aligns with your brand identity can elevate the in-store atmosphere. This holds true for restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, grocery stores, and even banks! In fact, according to the Walnut study, music is the number one factor that contributes to lifting a customer’s mood. But beware, having the wrong type of music for your brand can be just as powerful, with 57% of shoppers saying they would disengage if a brand makes poor music choices. So be mindful when choosing the music for your establishment and consult industry experts for help.

  1. Visuals

The next element that contributes to a positive in-store experience are the visuals. Gone are the days of traditional in-store posters and flyers. Retail (See Sports Experts), QSR’s, pharmacies and financial institutions are all leaping to digital signage, and rightly so. The study found that 58% of consumers say engaging video content has a positive impact on their shopping experience. Digital signage is an extremely flexible solution that can be used in many forms. Some examples of digital signage are interactive touch screen kiosk that clients can use to explore the store's product offering, video walls with engaging content, store-front LED screens displaying promotions that entice clients to enter your store and more. Like music, visuals matter regardless of what industry you are in.

Together, well-executed music and visual in-store strategy will lead to a positive experience for the customer. It will also keep the customer in-store longer, and certainly keep them coming back for more!

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