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By: Catherine BoisvertTue, 07/24/2018

Every summer we open our doors (and our hearts!) to a group of amazing interns who quickly become invaluable. In the “My Intern Life” series, you’ll read what they have to say about their experience at Stingray.



I guess you can say that Catherine is passionate about almost everything. All topics interests her: from astrophysics to history, without forgetting music, movies, food, surf, and integrals. She studies at McGill University and will major in Physics with a minor in History.


What I expected before my first day:

As it is my second summer here, I was expecting pretty much the same experience as last year: the super relaxed yet professional vibe, the different events we get to help with, the trust from our coworkers, and so much more. The best part is that all of this happened and more! As Stingray grew from last summer, it was super exciting to be given even more opportunities than expected. Plus, I can say that I expected to have the chance to work in the new building, and I did!


What surprised me most :

What surprised me most is that for a company that’s growing enormously, everyone is incredibly humble, regardless of their stature or their level. You can have execs walk up to you, asking you how you are doing, just like you can strike up a conversation with someone from IT even if you’re in the marketing department. It really evokes a sense a teamwork which I really love.


What I do :

SO MUCH! It’s great that the marketing department at Stingray lets me do projects in so many different sub-departments: digital marketing, sponsorships, communications, event planning, and more. So far, I’ve helped with C2 Montreal and F1, I’ve lead several projects, I’ve done an interview with country artist Annie Blanchard (which was awesome!), I’ve written a couple of articles for our blog, and I’ve just generally helped wherever and whenever I can.


What I learned:

One of the best things I learned was how to become an Excel wiz. It’s one of the most important things to know how to use, especially with our world becoming more and more tech-centered. I also learned how to be more comfortable meeting new people. People at Stingray are just generally so approachable, it makes you learn how to be comfortable in new environments!


What has been the most fun:

Social Squad!!! Stingray Music has been sponsors for many festivals throughout the summer, and that means that we needed to give visibility to these festivals on our social media platforms. That meant that those who were part of Stingray’s Social Squad (i.e. me) had the opportunity to go to these festivals to document. As someone who absolutely LOVES music, it was truly a dream. From Montreal’s Jazz Fest to Rockfest, it’s been amazing discovering the different music scenes from across Canada.


How I would describe the work environment:

Stingray is just generally a fun work environment. It’s fun as in it’s a place where you want to be; you’re not miserable waking up to go to work, but you’re motivated to spend your day there. It also has that “start-up” feel where it’s super open-minded and innovative. It makes interns, people like us, feel valued and important in this exponentially growing company. People are actually jealous when I say I work there!


The team in 3 words:

  • Challenging
  • Inspiring
  • Fun


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