Tash Palmer | Interview

By: SoniaWed, 07/04/2018

Up and coming Sydney based artist, Tash Palmer, joined Stingray Australia for an exclusive performance and interview. Here’s what Tash had to say about coming from a musical family, her musical influences and where she’s headed…


Sonia de Freitas: So, Tash, can you tell me a little bit more about your family and how they have been an influence on you and your music?

Tash: My mom’s been writing songs for a really long time, and my whole family plays guitar, so I’ve always been inspired by that and I kind of learned off them. When I was thirteen I realised that I wanted to get into this music thing, to learn how to accompany myself and start writing, so I went to my brother and he taught me all the jazz chords. I really expanded my music taste and music ability because of all of them.

S: What other musicians have influenced you? Are there any artists that you wanted to emulate?

T: It’s changed a lot over time! At the start of this whole thing, I just wanted to be Tori Kelly, or just like Ed Sheeran. They’re both so amazing, Tori Kelly’s voice is just insane. Now I’ve started listening to more underground stuff; I really like Georgia Smith, Hiatus Kaiyote, Billie Eilish. I listen to a lot of surf rock stuff that’s really popular here, like the Jungle Giants and Skegss. I feel like Australia has a really good scene.

S: Where do you see yourself and your music career going?

T: I definitely want to do big shows and collaborate with other artists, write with other people and experiment with that kind of thing, and I want to put out my album.

S: Speaking of the album, how do you feel the response to the singles you released has been? Can you give us a breakdown of each of them?

T: Little Love Song was one of the first things I ever wrote. It has a great pop sensibility with an R&B vibe.  I Don’t Like Parties is a bit more chilled, I think that’s my favourite one.

S: I love that title. The ironic thing is that people would most likely play this song at a party!

T: Yeah, probably. It gets played at parties which is funny. Worried, the production on that one is amazing, it’s got a really cool beat.

S: Who produced it?

T: Mark Feist. He’s work with Destiny’s Child, Celine Dion, so he’s had a big career. It’s just me and him working on the music.

S: So what’s that process like?

T: Basically, I’ll write the songs and I go to the States to record them in his studio and I’ll go back to Australia and he’ll produce the rest.

For more info on TASH visit her Facebook and Instagram.