A special program for country music fans | Sing a duet with Brett Kissel!

By: StingrayMon, 07/06/2020
sing with country artist Brett Kissel

Throughout July, we’re lucky to collaborate with Canadian country superstar Brett Kissel. Not only can you listen to his curated channel on Stingray Music, but you can also sing a duet with him on Yokee Karaoke, perform his hits on Stingray Karaoke, and watch his music videos on Stingray Country. If you like country music, here’s what you need to know!

Listen to Brett Kissel’s music channel on Stingray Music

Ever wonder what your favorite artist is listening to? Find out here! Head to Stingray Music’s web player or mobile app and listen to Brett Kissel’s playlist. Brett has curated a music channel just for you, featuring his latest hits as well as his favorite artists like Brooks and Dunn, Thomas Rhett, Trisha Yearwood, Elton John, and many more.

You can also listen to his hits on Hot Country Canada, Country’s Wild Hearts, Coast to Coast Country, and dozens of other music channels.

Sing a duet with Brett Kissel on Yokee Karaoke

Harmonize your vocal cords with Brett Kissel’s voice! The Canadian country singer has recorded three songs in a duet style so that you can sing with him! The three songs are:

  • She Drives Me Crazy,” a popular track from his latest album Now or Never
  • Anthem,” one of the major songs of his repertoire
  • Shallow,” a cover of the famous duet recorded by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

To sing one of these songs (or all of them!) head to stingray.com/duet, download the Yokee app and start singing!

Watch Brett Kissel’s music videos on Stingray Country

The Stingray Country video channel takes you on a musical journey that has something for everyone, whether you’re a rebellious youth, a rodeo rider, or a rock star. Country music is heartfelt, it’s genuine, and it speaks to anyone who loves a good party. And of course, Brett Kissel’s music videos are all about that!

Interview with Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel had a chat with us and let us into his world. Have a look!

What were the first three songs you added to your channel?

I selected “She Drives Me Crazy,” “Brand New Man” (Brooks and Dunn) and “Write This Down” (George Strait), to show the fun and the diversity of my musical taste.

Have you ever sang a duet with a fan?

You know, I have, actually. I did a special event last winter for my fan club, where I took requests and performed a special show for my fans. There, I sang “I Didn’t Fall in Love with Your Hair,” with one fan in particular, and it was a beautiful moment.

What’s your favourite memory of being on stage?

There are literally millions of memories. I could select performing on the Grand Ole Opry. Or it could be my first time at the Juno’s. Or it could be being on stage with Brad Paisley.  But, to be honest, singing “Friends in Low Places” with Garth Brooks in Regina, would probably be the coolest and best memory I’ve ever had on stage.

If you had to pick only one song to perform for the rest of your life, which would you pick and why?

Great question. But absolutely impossible to select. As an artist, it’s the variety in my repertoire that excites me the most.

What is one thing that your fans probably don’t know about you?

Wow, in some ways, I feel like I’m an open book. But in other ways, I feel like there’s a bunch of things my fans don’t know about me. Let me think. I’m a pretty silly guy. And the stuff I do with my kids, I don’t think anyone would understand, but it sure entertains my children. From accents to our quirky little language. It’s a special relationship. But, then again, if anyone just walked in on my kids and I having a conversation, I betcha so many people would giggle after hearing our secret language.

With so much crossover in music today, what makes a country song a country song?

Country music has always been about the story and the intention behind the song. If the song has an incredible story, it’s a country song. And if the producer, artist, and songwriter’s intention was for the melody and vibe to be country, then that makes it a country song.

More surprises to come!

Brett Kissel will soon be a special guest on Stingray Music’s Instagram account. Follow us and stay tuned for more from this incredibly talented country star.