Paris & 4K Video Production | Behind the Scenes

By: KarenFri, 11/10/2017
Django Memories Project

If there’s a European city that is leading the way in 4K video production, it is definitely Paris! Besides many 4K video producers such as Paramax Films, Heliox, and Wahoo, the City of Lights has some of the most stunning concert halls, live music bars, and intimate jazz clubs you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Since I work for Stingray, a company that is leading the 4K revolution with channels such as Stingray Festival 4K, Stingray Now 4K, and Stingray Ambiance 4K, I am very interested in the advance in 4K content production. I was fortunate enough to witness the 4K recording by Paramax Films of an eagerly-anticipated gypsy jazz concerts:  Django Memories Project at the New Morning club.

Coming from Amsterdam, where gypsy jazz isn’t nearly as mainstream as in Paris, I was pleasantly surprised to find the rue des Petites-Écuries filled with people queueing up for a sold-out concert.  It’s no wonder! You just can’t miss a performance starring first class guitarists Hono Winterstein and Stochelo Rosenberg!

Parisian producers really take 4K production to the next level. They prefer rental cameras, which allow them to make use of the latest equipment and even record rehearsals to double the amount of angles in the final production. They are not afraid to experiment with different ways of handling cameras and to use innovative lighting effects. Thus, their 4K productions look even more spectacular and dynamic than ordinary footage would.

The biggest challenge these producers face is, of course, money. To receive government subsidy from the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC), a producer needs to make at least a 20% profit from French broadcasters. This obliges producers to always collaborate with broadcasters such as France 2, Arte or Mezzo. Not only do these broadcasters occasionally demand exclusivity, they often hesitate to invest in high-quality 4K equipment.

Still, it’s only a matter of time before all operators are broadcasting 4K and all music lovers can enjoy these dazzling 4K productions. I’m happy to see many passionate producers in Paris who have their eyes set on the future and who are not afraid to invest. On y va! Let the 4K revolution begin!

Django Memories Project, Photo credit: Paramax Films

Django Memories Project at the New Morning club was filmed by Paramax Films using 4K red cameras. The concert will be broadcast on Stingray DJAZZ.

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