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By: ZacFri, 03/16/2018

Canadian music legends, Our Lady Peace, join PausePlay host, Zac Monson, to chat about life in the 90s, fears of relevancy, the Tragically Hip, pants ripping, Kendrick Lamar collabs, and so so much more!


Our Lady Peace returns after a 6-year absence with Maida behind the mixing console and keeping things old school and simple. Needless to say, the sound of OLP still survives and is stronger than ever. Their latest album, Somethingness, hits all the right feels. All the elements you might expect from these Canadian legends remain but are propelled forward with a production twist a la 2018. Our Lady Peace is polished, clean, and focused. Make sure to give their album a listen, from start to finish.


Band members: Raine Maida (vocals, lyricist), Duncan Coutts (bass guitar, background vocals), Steve Mazur (guitar, background vocals), and Jason Pierce (drums, percussions)

Discography: Naveed (1994), Clumsy (1997), Happiness... Is Not a Fish You Can Catch (1999), Spiritual Machines (2000), Gravity (2002), Healthy in Paranoid Times (2005), Burn Burn (2009), Curve (2012), Somethingness (2018)

Facebook: /ourladypeace  Twitter: @OurLadyPeace   Instagram: @ourladypeace 


Our Lady Peace graced PausePlay with an acoustic performance of their smash hit Clumsy! Stripped down and incredibly beautiful, you don't want to miss this version of a classic.




Check out this stripped down performance of Ballad of a Poet, off their 2018 album Somethingness. Written about how seeing Gord Downey perform for the first time, changed Raine's life forever.


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