Nicky Youre on How ‘Sunroof’ Became a Summer Hit

By: MassimoWed, 08/03/2022
Nicky Youre TikTok Radio Stingray Sunroof

Stingray Music and TikTok Radio are getting Behind The Beat with Nicky Youre and his hit song ‘Sunroof’. Nicky Youre is an American singer and songwriter best known for his popular song of the same title, which became an instant summer hit, amassing over 150 million streams. Nicky shares his story with us about how he wrote the song and his favorite TikTok trend at the moment.

How Nicky Came Up With ‘Sunroof’

I wrote Sunroof one night when I was sick, but I wrote it at a point in my life where things were going really well. I was just about to graduate college. I had made some amazing friends and was just feeling good and happy. So, I wanted to write something that captured that feeling, even though I was sick, and Sunroof was just born right then and there. It's been a crazy and wild ride to see all the TikToks that people have posted. I think my favorite one or two would probably be the Ed Sheeran one, where he just reposted the sound pretty much. And I don't know, it was Ed doing it, so super sick. Then I love all the dog videos with their heads out the sunroof because I love dogs, and they're really cute.

Nicky’s Favorite TikTok Trend

My favorite trend right now by far is the Minions Rise of Gru movie, with the song Rich Minions playing; I think it's by Yeat. It's pretty much like a bunch of people going to the movie theater in minion outfits and suits and it's so funny. That's my favorite trend going around right now, and I hope to see more like that cause that's been the best trend in a while.

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