Things To-Do on National Relaxation Day 2022

By: Aleesha P.Fri, 08/12/2022
Stingray Naturescape

What is National Relaxation Day?

Stingray Naturescape encourages viewers to celebrate National Relaxation Day because it is important for the mind, body, and soul! A young gentleman, aged 9 from Michigan, named Sean Moeller is the one responsible for putting August 15th on the calendar in 1985. This special day is an advocate for stress relief through meditation and other techniques, which leads to a clearer and calmer mind. In-turn, this creates positivity and increases our ability to concentrate.

Why is National Relaxation Day important? 

The hardships encountered on an everyday basis can lead to a burnout. There’s simply never enough time to relax. That’s exactly why it’s important to schedule this time in your daily tasks. By committing to a schedule, it’s more likely that you’ll do it! Stingray Naturescape offers the perfect scenery to allow you to get into that headspace focused on relaxing. The benefits to taking up relaxation techniques are the following: mood booster, maintains one’s health and improves the quality of sleep!

National Relaxation Day Activities

Here is a list of activities to do on National Relaxation Day with Stingray Naturescape! Step 1 is to turn on your TV to the Naturescape channel to set the mood for the activities listed below.  

Discover a new activity like Yoga or Meditation  

- Meditate to the calming waves of a Mystic River or to Peaceful farms in New Zealand on Naturescape  

Listen to soothing music  

- Practice words of affirmation while watching Stingray Naturescape 

Take a nature walk  

- Listen to soothing music, the Stingray music app has a relaxation playlist for this! 

Soak in a warm bath  

- Enjoy a nice book at the same time. 


- Accompanied with a warm cup of tea and Naturescape on in the background! 


We hope you enjoyed this article and are on your way to relax with Stingray Naturescape, enjoy!  

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