NEW MUSIC FRI-YAY | Week of June 4

By: SashaFri, 06/08/2018

New vibes on Fridays. Save the date.

Craving fresh sounds? Stingray’s got everything you need. For you. For your friends. For your mom. For your neighbor. And even for that friend who says ''I hate music''.

For the fans of Avicii

The perfect handpicked collection for every Avicii fan. From related artists to similar songs and greatest hits, here are all the tracks you need, in one channel.

(Available in North America, Europe, and the Caribbean)

Father’s Day Favorites by Stingray Qello

Curated by Stingray Qello. Nothing says "I love you, Dad" like a pop, hard-rock, and classic rock epic filled with electrifying and instantly recognizable guitar riffs, handpicked live tracks, and original album versions curated by the team behind the popular Stingray Qello live concerts app. Featuring Santana, Toto, Deep Purple, Eric Clapton, and The Rolling Stones. You’ll be playing air guitar with the pops all day long!

(Available in North America, Europe, and the Caribbean)


Punk Unplugged

Acoustic punk equals grandiose choruses, powerful anthems, and lyrics that tug at the heartstrings. Watch the sunset and ponder as Jimmy Eat World, NOFX, Jack’s Mannequin, All Time Low, and The Ataris fill your ears with raw and brilliant vocals.

(Available in North America, Europe, and the Caribbean)

Got You Covered: Bob Dylan

Sometimes the best way to spread a love of music is to reinterpret a beloved piece for a new audience. Even when a songwriter finds some success on their own, cover songs will still creep their way into recordings and performances. From Eric Clapton to Avril Lavigne and Jeff Buckley, here are iconic artists covering an iconic artist.

(Available in North America, Europe, and the Caribbean)

Map of Metal: Bay City Area

Get your eardrums ready for sonic atomic bombs and scuzzy blends of sludge, hardcore riffing, and visceral vocals. For Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, and Possessed fans.

(Available in North America, Europe, and the Caribbean)


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