My Intern Life | Ariana

By: ArianaTue, 08/07/2018
Ariana and his internship experience at Stingray

Every summer we open our doors (and our hearts!) to a group of amazing interns who quickly become invaluable. In the “My Intern Life” series, you’ll read what they have to say about their experience at Stingray.



Born and raised in Chicago and currently studying Marketing at John Molson School of Business. She loves being active, traveling and spending time with loved ones.


What I expected before my first day:

Because it was my first experience working in marketing, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Although from the experience of my interview as well as prior knowledge that I had on Stingray, I suspected it would be an exciting company to work for. Considering the company is about “All Good Vibes” and music is at the core of what they do, I believed that I would genuinely be interested in the work that I would be doing as music is very much a part of my life.


What surprised me the most when I started my internship:

What surprised me the most is how enjoyable and positive the work environment is. It’s genuinely a warm and inviting place to come to every morning. Even when I leave at the end of the day, I’m excited and motivated to come back in the morning.


What I do:

I have had the pleasure to work on events outside of the office such as C2 and Formula 1 as well as projects leading up to the preparation of those events. I have worked on different ongoing projects such as karaoke poster cover art, writing descriptions for special programming channels and checking on many cable providers from the NCTC and CCSA to see if and how they advertise Stingray Music on their websites.


What I learned:

I have learned how to better prioritize my tasks and manage my time wisely as a result of splitting my time among various projects during the day and work week. Before joining Stingray, I knew about the company from the music channels on tv and various articles on the internet. However, through the work that I have done, I have learned more and more about the company and its successes in depth. Now that I have worked here and have learned firsthand about all the brands in depth, I can now use this knowledge to communicate to other individuals outside of the office who may not be familiar with Stingray.


What has been the most fun:

What has been the most fun is having the pleasure to have worked three full days during the F1 Grand Prix event. Even though it was a demanding weekend, I loved interacting with and getting to know our clients and doing everything I could to make sure they had an enjoyable and unforgettable weekend. In addition, creating bonds with new faces who I see daily in the office has been fun and exciting.


How I would describe the work environment:

Stingray's motto: All Good Vibes, most definitely translates to their corporate work environment. It’s something that is instantly felt when you walk into the entrance as the music plays in the background. The open work space allows for easy collaboration and increased productivity. We’re lucky to be working in the old port and not having to be stuck in an old office working in stuffy cubicles. Overall it is a pleasurable environment to be in as everyone is incredibly outgoing and friendly. I feel lucky each morning to be able to come and work here.


The Stingray team in 3 words:

  • Motivating
  • Approachable
  • Hardworking



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