Joel Madden | Interview

By: RebeccaWed, 09/05/2018
Joel Madden

We chatted with Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden about the band’s new album Generation Rx, their upcoming tour of Asia, as well as his performance and launch party at Singapore’s The Podium Lounge on September 15th.

What was the first and last album (or song) you bought?

The last album I bought was by a band called Waterparks.

What is the first album you remember listening to from front to back, on repeat?

I remember playing …And Out Come The Wolves by Rancid constantly on repeat.

What is a fad or trend you hope comes back?

It definitely has to be JNCO jeans and Polo shirt with the visor!

What song do you wish you wrote?


What was the first song you learned to play?

The first song I learned was “When I Come Around” by Green Day.

If you had to organize a festival, who would be your three dream headliners?

Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine, and Daft Punk.

Are you excited to be performing at The Podium Lounge? What’s your favourite aspect about this festival?

Yeah I’ve never had a bad night in Singapore, it’s a great place to hang and the people are nice. I love this city.

What can The Podium Lounge audiences expect from you?

I’m looking forward to playing a mix of music I enjoy and hanging out with everyone while they dance the night away. We’ll go on, to the crack of dawn.

Any artists you look forward to seeing this year?

One of my favorite artists is actually from Singapore, he’s called Gentle Bones. I’m looking forward to meeting up with him while I’m there.

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