Introducing Stingray Country

By: StingrayWed, 04/22/2020

These days on television, the short-form music video seems to have lost its way. Specialty TV stations that used to be devoted to airing country music have all but forsaken the genre to focus on reality shows and sitcoms.

And as nature abhors a vacuum, Stingray is stepping up to the plate to fill the void with the introduction of Stingray Country, a television channel devoted to showcasing country music videos from the 90s to today. It is the only dedicated country music channel in Canada.

With its ever-expanding fanbase, country music is more popular than ever. Hot country music has eclipsed pop, dance/electronic, hip-hop, and rock to stand up as one of the fastest-growing music genres around. Its biggest stars are crossing over on radio internationally and filling not just clubs and theaters but stadiums and festivals. Hot country isn’t your father’s, let alone your grandfather’s, idea of the country sounds they grew up with.

“The country music audience is changing and has been changing for several years in terms of becoming younger and growing as a whole,” reported Karen Stump, CMA senior director, market research, in Billboard magazine.

Stingray’s hot country audio channels already enjoy being some of the most listened to music streams on our app or digital cable outlets. And now in 2020, Stingray is poised to add Stingray Country as a 24/7 video complement to our Hot Country music channels. It’s now available from all major cable carriers in Canada.