Brian Joseph | The Face Behind the Tunes

By: OliviaThu, 05/10/2018

The profile series is all about getting to know someone from Stingray Business. Meet one of the many faces responsible for bringing you great music, Brian Joseph!

Brian is part of the Music Design team, and he has been with Stingray Business since 2014. Before joining the music design team, Brian worked on the technical support team, which has given him a unique perspective on the customer experience that he brings to the field when curating music for his clients.

He has extensive music experience and has been working in the world of radio since he was 17. In 2009, he became Hip Hop Music Director for the radio station CJLO, where he won the Special Music Director of the Year award. Since then, he has represented the station at various music festivals worldwide. Brian’s musical taste spans over a variety of genres and has many key clients in the retail, personal care, and restaurant industries. Brian enjoys the personal touch and added value that custom music programming can bring to a business setting and strives to always represent our clients’ brand identity with each specialized program.

We sat down with Brian to discuss everything from his fave tracks to his #GeektastiqCypha podcast.


If you were a music style, what would you be?

I would be a fusion of hip-hop, and '60s soft rock. Think Kendrick meets Paul McCartney.

What is your favorite type of client to make playlists for?

I like the defiant clients. The ones who like to go against the norm of their brands. Where some might think its easiest to outdo everyone else by just having the most current music, some clients prefer to do something new and interesting. My favorite type of client and the ones I work with the most are clothing stores.

How do you put your personal touch on a client’s playlists?

For some clients, I like to find the samples from some of the music that is already on their playlists, like if a client asks for the new Drake “Nice For What” track, I would sneak in the Ex-Factor by Lauryn Hill.  

Favorite Stingray channel?

What happens at the Bachelor party...” Partly because the name is funny, but I also like the mix of an artist on it.

(Check out Brian’s very own channel on the Stingray Music app, “Rebellious & Beautiful Soul”!)

What are some of your interest other than curating music?

Geek culture combined with sound engineering. Which is why I produce podcasts.

Podcasts, cool! Tell us more.

I host and produce two podcasts for The first is a geek/pop culture talk show called #GeektastiqCypha (voted #9 in Montreal!), and the second is called That’s Cannon, which focused on comic books.

Do you ever talk about music on these podcasts?

I try not to, only because it would take over the whole show, cause I’m that passionate about music. We started an episode talking about hip-hop once, and the conversation went on for an hour. The show is only 90 minutes.


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