Using Customized Wayfinding Kiosks to Improve Tourism Experiences

By: AdrianaTue, 05/21/2019
wayfinding kiosks

The tourism industry is constantly on the lookout for new ways to offer the most reliable information to travelers, and Wayfinding kiosks are proving to be the best new marketing tools for tourist attractions. These kiosks can be used to display up-to-date information, 24 hours a day.

Wayfinding kiosks not only deliver a variety of customized information but also allow for the content to be updated quickly and remotely. If a traveler is looking for information, they will be able to find it quickly and easily with a wayfinding kiosk.

A benefit for local businesses

Tourism departments can use wayfinding kiosk for their benefit as well by giving business owners insight into how many people were using the kiosks. They can help business owners communicate more effectively with tourists, and even reduce expenses, such as printing costs.

Residents can benefit as well by experiencing an easier way to find locations, helping their internal community education, and easy access to advertisement and promotions.

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