TOP Gifts for Music Lovers | 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

By: StingrayMon, 11/22/2021
Gift for Music Lover

The gifting season is here! While you get gifts for friends and family, don’t forget the gift for the music lovers in your life. They can be a little too specific about their tastes as they always know what they want and why they need it but don’t worry. If you are not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We did the heavy lifting for you and compiled a list of some of the top gifts for music lovers. Read on to find out!  

Here are our best presents for music lovers

1.    Access shows, documentaries and live events with Qello Concerts 

Qello Concerts is one of the best streaming platforms out there. It gives you access to a catalog that holds over 2,000 music documentaries and concerts. With music of all genres from a wide range of artists, with Qello Concerts, you will treat your favorite music lover with a present that he/she will enjoy!

And the cherry on top, they will get exclusive releases every month, so they will never get tired of listening to the same content over and over. Qello Concerts also comes with a holiday special offer. You can get 50% off on the gift plans from December 6 to January 7. Hurry up! It's the best present for a music lover!

2.    Calm Radio, the gift of wellness 

Calm Radio is just what you need if you’re looking to improve your wellness and balance your life. Calm Radio is the largest provider of life-enhancing music, focusing on relaxation, sleep music, and mindfulness. What’s more, it offers an audiobook and podcasts.  

→ Enjoy this special deal!

3.    Karaoke party machine for the whole family! 

Singing Machine is the first in the United States to offer karaoke systems for home entertainment. With the Singing Machine, the music lovers in your life will get the best line of karaoke products in the industry.  

The machines are known everywhere for incorporating the best tech in music listening, social sharing, entertainment, and singing practice. And for this holiday season, you can get a special deal where you buy one Party Machine Mic (40% off!!!) and get free access to the Stingray Karaoke’s library for one month.

Looking for more options? 

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4.   Endless classical music, ballets, and operas on Stingray Classica 

Do you have someone special in your life who loves some nice classical jams? Well, Stingray Classica is the destination of choice for them. It's the best gift for a classical music lover! Watch beautiful operas, ballets, and operas around the world on Stingray Classica. The best part is that you can stream anywhere, anytime, on your favorite devices. You can get a gifting plan of 50% for this holiday season.

5.    Sing karaoke songs on your Alexa device 

Undoubtedly, Yokee Karaoke is the #1 karaoke app, with millions of fans worldwide. No karaoke bar near you? With Yokee, you can now sing along to millions of songs with lyrics. And the best part is that you can use Yokee’s special video and audio effects and share them with your community! 

Yokee Karaoke will launch on Amazon’s Alexa devices this December. The Yokee’s Alexa Karaoke will be the only app that’s 100% compatible with Alexa. All you need is your voice! 

6.    The best gift to learn how to play piano 

It’s not easy to come across an excellent piano academy. So, if you have someone special in your life who has been looking for the ideal place to learn piano from scratch, then Piano Academy is the best choice for them. The app also offers the best learning opportunities to continue learning by practicing along with their favorite songs. From learning how to play easy piano songs to piano masterpieces, find the right piano lessons you need!

What’s more, the app offers an on-screen touch keyboard that helps you to start playing immediately. Your loved one will also love that this app supports MIDI connection and can detect notes you’re playing if you have an electronic or acoustic piano.