#SocialStatus | February 2018

By: AmandaWed, 02/28/2018

With Instagram being one of the most acclaimed social platforms for many musicians to build their personal brand and share their amazing talent with others around the globe; it’s safe to say that today’s top social influencers on the gram could be tomorrow’s old news, while an unknown artist can quickly move up the social chain.

Each month on #SocialStatus, we will introduce you to artists who caught our eye on Instagram. Whether you’re searching for your musical inspiration or want to spice up your feed, these are the accounts to follow this month:




Name: Betta Lemme

Hometown: Montreal, QC

In 3 words: Charismatic. Groovy. Italian Goddess.

Genre: Pop/ Alternative R&B with electronic beats.

Fun Fact: In 2016, Betta was featured on the popular Sofi Tukker track, ‘AWOO’ and remains close friends with the singing duo.

Standout Lyric: “Je sais que l’amour, N’est pas facile pour, Les petits coeurs qui battent seuls, Prends soins de ton Coeur, Jouez pas ce jeux ,Tu verras” - Bambola

Follow @bettawerk

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Name: Caveboy

In 3 Words: Unique. Stylish. Smooth.

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Genre: Alternative Dream Pop

Fun Fact: Caveboy performed at the 2016 Osheaga music festival and was recently announced as one of the 2018 Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class winners!

Standout Lyric:Living in a concrete jungle searching for something that I don't think I'll ever find and I chisel the walls of the city that blinds me trying to find something that I may be able to relate to” – Home Is Where

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Untitled design.png

Name: Elijah Will 

Hometown: Nova Scotia

In 3 Words: Fresh. Mellow. Personable.

Genre: Pop / RnB

Fun Fact: When still in his teens, Elijah enrolled in Grammy-winner Gordie Sampson’s songwriting camp in Cape Breton. He is also the first to be signing to hip hop artist Classified’s new music label, Half Life records.

Standout Lyric: “I just want to let you know, I’ve got you rerun like a Fresh Prince episode. Those legs must be so sore, cuz you’ve been running through my mind all day, I can’t take it no more.” – Fresh Prince

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Name: Bayla

Hometown: Montreal, QC

In 3 words: Empowering. Catchy. CANADIAN TOP 40!!

Genre: Pop

Fun Fact: Her debut single “Turn It Around” reached “top 30” status on the Canadian Radio Charts.

Standout Lyric: I've been waiting all my life, to see what I could be. I think we're running out of time, you know we've been a slave. All my demons come and go, I want to set them free. This time I will let them know, they can't catch me.” – Turn It Around

Follow @baylaofficial

Listen to Bayla on Stingray Music: Dressed to Kill



Name: Oliver Charles

Hometown: Montreal, QC

In 3 Words: Determined. Multi-Talented. Creative.

Genre: Pop/Folk

Fun Fact: Taught himself how to play piano and guitar and graduated with a songwriting degree.

Standout Lyric: You can tell me to wait And find your own way You can run, you can hide, you can fake it Turn your head in the side to deny it But I know that look in your eyes It will bring you back where Where your love is strong Where my love is” – Follow Me

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