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By: TeresaWed, 08/21/2019

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sing but didn’t know where to start, now is a good time to look for choirs and group lessons that are recruiting new members for fall.

Join a Choir

Joining a choir is a great way to grow your confidence singing because it provides lots of support from other members of the group. Simply search the web for a choir near you, and make an appointment to visit. You can also ask your friends and family if they can recommend you to a choir. Choirs come in all sizes, with varying repertoires, and with different recruitment requirements. While more advanced choirs require singers to sight-sing, most choirs only need you to be able to carry a tune. Choirs are split up into sections according to the different voice types: soprano, alto, tenor, or bass. Even if you’ve never heard these terms and you don’t know how to classify your voice, the choir director will classify you once he or she hears you sing during your audition. Most amateur and intermediate choirs will provide you with recordings of your section’s parts so that you can learn to sing the music by heart, and not have to worry about sight-singing.

When you call to schedule an audition for the choir, ask how you should prepare and what you should bring to the audition. Most likely, you will need to sing something in front of the choir director. Choose a song that you like and learn it by singing along with the original music or with a karaoke app. Print out the lyrics and take them with you to the audition. Although it will be better if you know the song by heart, having the lyrics close by will give you confidence. You may need to sing the song a cappella at the audition (without musical accompaniment), so you might want to practice singing the song by yourself. You can ask if it would be possible for you to bring along the musical accompaniment, in which case a karaoke music app could work well.

If you’re wondering what a choir audition is like, here is an example of a typical audition:


Choirs usually recruit for new singers twice a year, in August for the fall session and in December or January for the winter session. It may take a few tries before you find the choir that is right for you, so don’t give up if the first choir you join doesn’t work out.

Sign up for Group Singing Lessons

Many community colleges and universities offer extracurricular courses to the public at large, including music and singing classes. Recreational departments of municipal organizations are also a good place to look for group courses, as some of these offer singing classes. A variety of levels are usually offered, including beginners, so this is a great place to start. Singing with a group is less frightening than on your own, and since you will be with a group of singers who are just learning to sing, it will be easier for all of you. In these types of courses, you can expect to learn the basics of vocal techniques and some music theory.

These groups usually start classes in September and January, so now is the perfect time to look to join one.

If either of these options is still too scary for you, get a karaoke app to sing along to in the comfort of your home. Singing karaoke with a mobile app will help you gain confidence. In no time at all, you’ll be ready to go to that choir audition!