Interview with Jon Batiste | April guest curator

By: Charonne B.Tue, 04/06/2021
Guest Curator of April Jon Batiste

In April, we are joined by Soul's soundtrack artist Jon Batiste! In his hand picked playlist he will show you a wide range of new musical discoveries and take you on a ride, right here, on Stingray Music. Find out all about Jon Batiste in this special Stingray interview with him!

What is your all-time favorite story  so far being band leader and Musical Director for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert?  

When I received my first royalty check from playing my music on the show. Songs that I composed as a child were now being broadcast to the world on a nightly basis. It was a great moment. 

What was your favorite moment working with Prince? 

The meeting in the dressing room before going onstage. We stood in a circle and he spoke about the intention of the performance. It was a great example of leadership. 

What is your best and/or funniest memory on stage? 

I was performing with my band Stay Human on tour. We have very dynamic and spirit-led performances. One day I jumped in the air a few feet and landed in a split. I did this all the time during live shows but this time my pants split! I did the rest of the show covering my back.  

What were your biggest inspirations when you worked as a co-composer on the hit Pixar film, Soul?  

I was inspired by the opportunity to share the music with children all over the world. At this impressionable age these stories have a major impact.  

What’s one question you would ask to your fans?  

How are you after such a crazy year? How can I better connect with you in this time? Do you know God and do you pray daily? 

If you didn’t become a musician what would you be doing right now?   

I would be a astronaut or a philosopher. Or a monk. 

What are your most favorite songs of all time? 

The ones I just made on my WE ARE album. Truly put a lot of myself into these songs and the album is genre-less. 

You have worked with some iconic musicians in the past. Which musician(s) would you like to collaborate with next?  

A Bantu jazz album with Beyoncé and an African ensemble would be iconic. Cole Trumpet, this young girl who plays trumpet from the Dominican Republic. Temilayo Abodunrin from Nigeria. She’s a saxophonist who is not even 12 years old yet. The future generation truly inspires me.  Stefani Germanotta—better known as Lady Gaga. I think it would be a great exchange of ideas and energy. Keith Jarrett as well. There are many. 

What is one thing that your fans don’t know about you (a fun fact)? 

I do my own stunts!  

What is the best advice that you have ever been given? 

Be yourself. 

What’s coming up for you in the next few months?  

Hopefully doing some traveling soon. We booked some great music festival performances and I’m producing some shows of my own. Directing a film as well for the first time! Also working on some more film and tv projects so i’ll be all over the tube coming up. Mostly just excited to see the fans and get back onstage to play these new songs.  

Advice for getting through the quarantine?  

Prayer. And lots and lots of therapy. 

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