Interview with J. Balvin

By: ZacWed, 08/12/2020
J. Balvin's music channel

Just because it’s August doesn’t mean the summer heat is going to simmer down! Especially when J Balvin is our Guest Curator for the month.

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While going over his hand-picked favourite songs, we chat about music, quarantine, and life as a cartoon.

J. Balvin's music channel

If you had to take one song that you chose for your Guest Curator channel and listen to that song and only that song for the rest of your life, which would it be, and why?

“El cantante,” by Héctor Lavoe – it’s a great song and such a vibe!

What is something you discovered about yourself during quarantine?

Being at peace with myself and my thoughts. I do a lot of meditation.

What place, or setting, or other people make you feel safest to write the most honestly?

Being around my family and that includes colleagues that I respect and admire. I only work with people that have that good vibe.

What lyrics do you wish you wrote?

“Idilio,” by Willy Colon – a timeless classic.

AZUL music video

You were recently turned into a cartoon in your music video, AZUL. What was it like to see that come to life? 

It was so dope! It was a great experience to see the visuals bring such happiness to the song. I’ve always liked cartoons.

If you could make a cameo on any cartoon show, which would it be and why?

SpongeBob! “Esto e' un party por debajo 'el agua, Baby, busca tu paragua’, Estamo' bailando como pez en el agua.”

What summer plans are you most excited about?

Being in Medellin with my family and enjoying the outdoors.

The thing you didn't know about J. Balvin

What is one thing that your fans probably don’t know about you?

I always have them in mind, and I love them. Leggo!

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