Stingray Music + Stingray Karaoke = the Perfect Holiday Combo

By: NedjmaMon, 11/27/2017
Stingray Music plus Stingray Karaoke equal the perfect Holiday combo!

2 Music Services for a Festive & Stress-Free Christmas

You’ve got gifts to buy, stockings to hang, in-laws to entertain, and turkeys to stuff.
Just thinking about your Holiday to-do list makes you want to hide out ‘till spring.

Worry no more, Stingray is here to bring back holiday cheer!

Thanks to the Stingray Music mobile app and Stingray Karaoke, your Holiday music and entertainment needs are all taken care of. How? We’re glad you asked!

Stingray Music

The FREE Stingray Music mobile app has over 2,000 channels including 60 Christmas and New Year’s Eve party channels in all the most popular and niche styles. Each streams an average of 10 hours of music. There’s one less thing to worry about while you cover your home with tinsel.



Throwing a chic cocktail party?

Put on on “The Mistletoe Lounge” or “Soulful Holidays” and watch the scintillating conversation flow.

Stingray Music Mobile App - Rat Pack

Grandma’s feeling nostalgic about the good ol’ day?

Putting on some “Big Band Christmas” or “Holiday with the Rat Pack” will put a festive swing in her martini.


The kids are destroying the house looking for shiny-paper covered boxes?

All I Want for Christmas is Teen Pop” and “A Merry, Jolly Kids’ Christmas” will offer much-needed distraction.


Refuse to let Santa steal your street cred?

Merry Indie Christmas”, “Hip-Hop Ho Ho Ho”, and “A Very Punk Rock Christmas” are all you need.


The yuletide season’s not your thing?

Counting the days until December 26? The “I Hate Christmas” channel feels your pain.



How to unwrap the Stingray Music mobile app 

  • Download the free Stingray Music app from the Apple or Google Play app stores
  • Create your Stingray account
  • Go to Vibes channels
  • In the Theme category, select “Holiday/Christmas”
  • Combine with an activity, genre, mood, or era filter (optional)
  • Select a channel and fill your ears with lovingly curated Christmas spirit

Find your Holiday Channels with the Stingray Music mobile app

Stingray Karaoke

From your shyest cousin to your diva-est friend, no one can resist the sweet siren song of the karaoke mic!

Stingray Karaoke has thousands of tracks to choose from including Christmas songs to keep the fun going ‘till New Year’s and beyond. There won’t be any time for family feuds over politics while everyone is happily singing their hearts out!

Nothing beats karaoke to work up an appetite for another piece of fruitcake, ring in the New Year, or keep the kids merry while they wait for Santa.

Be the hostess with the mostest (or host with the most) this Holiday season by throwing a karaoke party everyone will be talking about all year (you might want to warn or invite the neighbors.)


How to throw a merry Stingray Karaoke party

  • Tune in to Stingray Karaoke on your TV
  • Don’t have a microphone? Singing into a remote, hairbrush or candy cane works just as well
  • Raid your closet for costumes, props, and accessories
  • Set up musical instruments (toy instruments for the kiddos)
  • Prepare bite-size snacks aplenty
  • Break the ice by singing the first song and getting a group together
  • Pour beverages. Lots of ‘em!
  • Keep your camera ready to take tons of photos of the fun (the blackmail material will last you all year!)




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