9 Tips for a Merry Karaoke Party

By: NedjmaFri, 12/13/2019
9 Tips for a Merry Karaoke Party

Entertaining at home is stressful enough, party hosting during the Holidays can make you want to curl up in a fetal position with a gallon of eggnog (and a straw). There is a tried and true secret to keeping your guests happy and your sanity in check: karaoke!

From your shyest cousin to your diva-est friend, no one will resist the sweet siren song of the karaoke mic! Trust us; there won’t be any time for family feuds over politics, your dating status or the overcooked turkey while everyone is happily singing their hearts out!

Nothing beats karaoke to work up an appetite for another piece of fruitcake, ring in the New Year, or keep the kids merry while they wait for Santa.

Beware, if you follow these easy tips, everyone will ask for an invite next year!

9 Tips for a Merry Karaoke Party

  1. Warn or invite the neighbors (Christmas might only last a few days, but you’ll be dealing with your neighbors all year!)
  2. Tune in to Stingray Karaoke*
  3. Don’t have a microphone? Singing into a remote, hairbrush or candy cane works just as well
  4. Raid your closet for costumes, props, and accessories
  5. Set up musical instruments (toy instruments for the kiddos)
  6. Prepare bite-size snacks aplenty
  7. Break the ice by singing the first song and getting a group together
  8. Pour beverages. Lots of ‘em!
  9. Keep your camera ready to take tons of photos of the fun (the blackmail material will last you all year!)

*Stingray Karaoke has thousands of tracks to choose from including Christmas songs to keep the fun going till New Year’s and beyond.


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