Celebrating Black History Month with Qello Concerts

By: StingrayFri, 02/04/2022

In honour of Black History Month, Qello Concerts is proud to present some of the most important, inspiring, and inventive Black music artists at the top of their game. This collection shines a spotlight on some of their peak moments onstage (as well as documentary-style footage), curated specially for the month of February. 

Black Music Artists Who Inspire Us

Learn more about some of the most epic performances featured in this collection:

Black History Month Facts

What month is Black History Month?

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans. It is also known as African-American History Month. It is celebrated in February in the United States and Canada, and in October in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Who started Black History Month?

Black History Month grew out of “Negro History Week,” an event that happened in the United States during the second week of February, in 1926. This week of celebrations was launched by historian Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. Its purpose was to promote and celebrate achievements by Black Americans and other peoples of African descent. 

What is Black History Month today?

Back History Month is now an international celebration, that has expanded beyond the educational establishments. Each year, Carter G. Woodson's organization, now known as the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, designates a theme for this special month. In 2022, we’re celebrating "Black Health and Wellness", focusing on medical scholars, health care providers, and health outcomes.