Black music artists who inspire us | Beyoncé - I AM...WORLD TOUR

By: Eric C.Fri, 02/04/2022

When Beyoncé started preparations for her fourth concert tour, launched in support of her third studio album, I Am... Sasha Fierce, she may not have been aware that she stood on the precipice of something huge.

At that time, Beyoncé was already a massive star, but she was fully in control now, dispelling myths; dismantling the music business's control over her; and asserting her own majesty - these were the beginnings of Queen Bey! The former Destiny's Child member (who happens to be the first black woman to win ASCAP Pop Songwriter of the Year), still remains at the top of the heap today, with plenty of Grammys under her belt, a Pepsi endorsement, her own designer clothing line - she even serenaded the Obama at his inauguration, and headlined a dynamic Super Bowl halftime show, on her way to being among the most influential people in the world. Her husband may be Jay-Z, but maybe he should be called Mr. Knowles, because he may be a businessman, but Queen Bey is the real business, man!!

Beyoncé remains one of the greatest role models for little girls and POC, but more than that, she is a hero to all. 

Beyoncé: I Am...World Tour is a collection of performances from various stops on her worldwide I Am...World Tour. Weaved into this concert are highlights that give a rare glimpse into the dynamic and personal world of this multifaceted icon. The I Am... The World Tour captures not only an unforgettable performance from the superstar singer and entertainer, but showcases her astonishing talent as a filmmaker, director and producer. Watch it here!

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