By: CharlesThu, 06/21/2018
Party de cuisine | Top 10 chansons

La Saint-Jean Baptiste arrive à grands pas! Célébrons la fête nationale avec ces chansons dans l’endroit si chéri par les Québécois… La cuisine! Tel un bon party de cuisine!

By: Ariane DurocherThu, 06/21/2018
Namaste | Top 10 Songs

June 21st, the longest day of the year, is also known worldwide as International Yoga Day. Here are the Top 10 yoga songs especially chosen for you to have the most peaceful day possible. Namaste!

By: SophieTue, 06/19/2018
School's Out | Top 10 Music Videos

No more teacher. No more books. Just a whole summer to chill out, hang out, and listen to your fave music!

By: MathieuFri, 05/18/2018
Best Rock Covers | Top 10 Music Videos

A countdown of the 10 most surprising rock covers.

By: NoémiSun, 05/13/2018
I love you, Mom | Top 10 Songs

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re looking back at ten unforgettable musical tributes from daughters and sons to the women who raised them. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

By: SophieFri, 04/20/2018
Sooo Cheesy! | Top 10 Music Videos

You know what they say about cheese? It’s addictive! And so are these so-bad-they’re-amazing videos of the ‘80s, ‘90s, and early ‘00s.

By: NoémiFri, 04/06/2018
Coachella Must-Sees | Top 10 Artists

Oh hey, Coachella. Times they are a-changin’ and music is constantly evolving. Get ready for the biggest names, the biggest productions, and tons of hidden gems. Keep reading for our top 10 must-see artists worthy of all the attention.

By: SophieThu, 03/22/2018
Iconic Canadians | Top 10 Music Videos

In honour of the 2018 JUNO Awards, we are proud to celebrate the iconic artists from Coast to Coast who have proved to the world that Canada plays in the big leagues. Here are 10 music videos guaranteed to give you shivers of politely patriotic pride!

By: MathieuFri, 03/16/2018
Spring Break Heat Wave | Top 10 Music Videos

A smoking hot Top 10 music video countdown of party-ready Spring Break Jamz.

By: NoémiTue, 03/13/2018
Bon Jovi | Top 10 Karaoke Tracks

Rock Hall-bound rockers Bon Jovi have more than their share of big hits. Their songs are not especially difficult to sing, but the high notes in the choruses offer opportunities to flex them vocal muscles! here are our top 10 Bon Jovi tracks to belt out!