Stingray's top 5 MUST TO-DOs during the Holidays

By: StingrayTue, 12/14/2021
Stingray's top 5 must-dos during the Holidays

Hosting dinner parties require a lot of effort and preparation. But tuning into the Yule log on TV is easy and guaranteed to be a hit and create an instant festive ambiance.

Bring the family together for the breathtaking Christmas Morning On Ice. Make it a holiday tradition!

Trim the tree to Greatest Holiday Hits! Sing along to everyone’s favorites while decorating and wrapping Christmas presents.

Bake up a storm filled with holiday sweets! For an extra dash of fun, sprinkle in karaoke singing to holiday faves!

Date night, anyone? Unwind after a beautiful home-cooked meal to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker or Cinderella to bring some holiday magic to your evening.