Stingray Auction: Interdepartmental Collaboration for Community Impact

By: MarineWed, 07/12/2023
Stingray auction

The Stingray Auction: working towards a greener tomorrow 

Last June, Stingray gave recycling a new purpose, and one that would benefit a greater environmental cause. The company held an auction where employees were offered the chance to give a second whirl to a medley of computer and audio equipment deemed worthy of further use, but that didn’t quite make the cut as office equipment. The ultimate goal? Donating the proceeds to an eco-friendly organization. 

This was a win-win-win situation: interdepartmental collaboration, a community fundraising project, and a nod to World Environment Day. 

Successful interdepartmental collaboration  

Stingray's Helpdesk department was a driving force behind it all, having gathered and catalogued the vast collection of items over several months. With all the loot assembled, the Social Committee jumped in to hype up the event and handle the overall strategy. And given the green nature of the initiative, it was only natural that the Committee turned to the Stingray Ecology Club to pick the fundraiser’s lucky beneficiary. 

Thanks to the Operations team and the Helpdesk, the cafeteria was transformed into a buzzing auction house, brimming with treasures waiting to find a new home.  

For an entire afternoon, employees from the Montreal and Boisbriand offices were able to bid to their heart’s desire on the many items up for grabs: from audio and video equipment to computers, and even furniture. 

Community involvement at the heart of our values 

This event was more than just a fun afternoon of bargain hunting. It was a testament to our ethos of environmental and social responsibility, and community involvement – a proud reflection of our values and priorities as an organization. 

Not only did the auction offer the perfect opportunity to raise awareness among our employees, but it also afforded us the ability to support an important cause. 

Together, we raised a whopping $9,664, and with a little top-up from Stingray to round things up, we were able to donate a total of $10,000 to Équiterre, a key partner in our environmental endeavors.  

Vente aux encheres Stingray


Vente aux encheres Stingray

A strong partnership with Équiterre 

Every penny from the auction went to Équiterre, a champion for a greener, fairer world, and a close ally in our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Équiterre works tirelessly to promote ecological and solidarity-based solutions, and we are proud to support their mission. The auction resulted in a strengthening of our alliance and underscored the concrete actions we can take together for a greener future.