Stingray Acquires NatureVision TV, the All Natural Relaxation Channel

By: JustineThu, 04/20/2017
Stingray Acquires NatureVision TV, the All Natural Relaxation Channel

NatureVision TV’s catalog of hundred of hours of exceptionally soothing nature programs brings home the world’s most beautiful places through the brilliance of HD and 4K video.

Following the acquisition of Festival 4K in June 2016, this transaction confirms Stingray’s position as a leading 4K content provider on TV, mobile and the web. NatureVision TV complements Stingray’s existing Slow TV programming, Stingray Ambiance 4K, available as a linear television channel and Video On Demand to Pay-TV providers worldwide.

“The potential operational and promotional synergies between Stingray and NatureVision TV are enormous,” said Eric Boyko, President, Co-founder and CEO of Stingray. “All the metrics surrounding 4K television - including awareness and sales – point to long-term growth. The success of Stingray Ambiance 4K, a unique channel that immerses viewers in the healing beauty of nature, has already demonstrated audience’s appetite for soothing and relaxing content offered in ultra-high definition. We are delighted to add NatureVision TV to our product portfolio and to have the opportunity to build on the channel’s existing distribution network with some of the industry’s leading entertainment OTT content providers.”

“Given Stingray’s outstanding track record, international distribution network, and exceptional management team lead by Eric Boyko, I am more enthusiastic than ever about the future of NatureVision TV,” said Jon Gorchow, CEO of NatureVision TV. “Stingray has proven its passion for and knowledge of the genre with the success of Stingray Ambiance 4K. By being included in the market-leading portfolio of music and slow TV products and services available to entertainment content providers, NatureVision TV is now in an enviable position to grow its brand and global presence.”