Nico Rosenberg | 2026 (soft rain) | Single Review

By: SashaFri, 04/27/2018

It’s with a second EP on the way that Chilean artist Nico Rosenberg gives us “2026 (soft rain),” the lead single was co-written with and featuring singer/songwriter Tara Baswani.

The EP was recorded last November in Chile’s Basilica Del Perpetuo Socorro on an 8-track tape machine. “2026” finds multi-instrumentalist Nico creating the perfect rain clouds above which Tara Baswani’s voice blends seamlessly to create what can only be described as the auditory equivalent of levitating 2 feet off the ground.

Seldom does such complex production sound as effortless. Especially given that the song was recorded using randomly generated sounds created with Max/MSP with the help of composer Paulo Gallo who scored and supervised the string quartet.

If you enjoy the likes of Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada or Bjork, I highly recommend going to your favorite Stingray platform and giving this track a listen.


This song can be found on Stingray Music's channels: Trending 100 and Out of Left Field Electronica.


The Second Expedition is due out April 20, 2018

Teaser video directed by Svante Oldenburg


Happy listening!

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