Monsters of Rock | Top 10 Music Videos

By: MathieuMon, 10/22/2018

You think nothing can scare you? Think again!

No matter how hardcore you are, our Top 10 Monsters of Rock will make you want to sleep with the lights on and the closet door closed. To celebrate the Day of the Dead, we’re counting down the most grotesquely-terrifyingly-blood-drippingly-nightmare-inducing rock music videos ever.

Better check under the bed, who knows what horrid creature from the underworld might be lurking!?

Welcome to our nightmare!

Our Top 10’s not creepy enough for you? We’ve dug up even more bone-chilling and stomach-churning videos. Tune in to Stingray Loud’s “Monsters of Rock” special programming* for music videos that’ll haunt your dream. You’ve been warned!

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