By: HitskeFri, 08/24/2018
Centenary of Leonard Bernstein | Tribute

Saturday, August 25 marks the centenary of Leonard Bernstein, the famous American conductor, composer and pianist. The legendary musician was one of the most multi-faceted figures of 20th-century classical music. Not only did he compose beautiful classical music that had a significant impact on the film and music industries, but he was also a charismatic conductor, making him one of the most successful musicians in American history.

By: WouterThu, 08/16/2018
Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul | Tribute

Today we say goodbye to our beloved Aretha, our Aretha Franklin, our Queen of Soul.

By: NoémiThu, 07/19/2018
Barbada de Barbades | Pride Essentials | Entrevue

Nous avons eu l'honneur d'interviewer l'incroyable chanteuse, DJ et artiste Barbada de Barbades et de parler de sa musique, de sa vie et de son évolution au fil des ans. Cette entrevue fait partie de notre couverture exclusive PRIDE pour le mois de la fierté.

By: TeresaWed, 06/27/2018
Contemporary Jazz Vocalists | Fresh Vibe

The Contemporary Vocal Jazz Channel on Stingray Music celebrates jazz vocalists from around the world, who are active in today's jazz scene.   

By: NoémiFri, 06/22/2018
DJ Raphaella Brown | Pride Essentials| Interview

We had the honor to interview DJ Raphaella Brown and talk about her music, her career, and her evolution throughout the years. This interview is part of our exclusive PRIDE coverage for Pride Month. 

By: NoémiFri, 06/22/2018
Sandy Duperval | Pride Essentials | Interview

We had the honor to interview singer, DJ, producer, and artist Sandy Duperval and talk about her music, her life, and her evolution throughout the years. This interview is part of our exclusive PRIDE coverage for Pride Month. 

By: KurtMon, 06/11/2018
The Gift of Dad Rock | Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, give in to “dad rock” and indulge your dad. Do it to the soundtrack of his rebel youth. Hang out together and let him tell you his cool stories, no matter how many times you’ve heard them before.

By: TeresaFri, 05/18/2018
Karaoke Etiquette 101 | 7 Foolproof Tips

There is nothing like singing karaoke to get the adrenaline pumping! Things can easily get out of hand. Follow these tips to ensure that everyone has a good karaoke time.

By: TeresaMon, 04/23/2018
Karaoke Survival Guide | 5 Essential Tips

Our top 5 tips to win at karaoke! Follow them to make the karaoke experience much more enjoyable for both you…and your audience!

By: KurtTue, 04/10/2018
Boy Bands – A Love Story

Like most things beloved by teen girls, boy bands have always had a bad rap among music journalists, music snobs and well, most guys. Our brains are hardwired to take great pleasure in the music we love, and diversity is a good thing, right? Music never hurt anybody.